top website design tips from csb internet ...

Keep the navigation simple:
The right navigation will encourage people to explore your site and discover more about your business. But if it's cluttered visitors will become frustrated and look elsewhere.

Make sure it loads quickly:
Even in these days when virtually everyone has broadband, if your site doesn't load in a few seconds, you've lost them.

Design for every browser:
There's more to the net than just Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. A small number of people use browsers called Safari and Opera. The best sites work in all of them. And don't forget access away from a computer - how does your site look on a mobile device?

Design for every resolution:
The next csbinternet website design secret is about making sure your site looks good on every type of computer monitor. Most people currently use 1024 x 768. But people with older computers will have a smaller resolution, and many others have bigger screens. This is why your website needs to be designed to look good in all situations.

Use a clean design:
A common csbinternet website design trick is to use powerful but simple designs. Make use of white space and ensure every image has impact. Stick with readable and professional fonts and avoid bright colours on text.

"csb internet took the time to understand our business and customers, then came up with some ideas and exceeded our expectations."
Eamonn MacAuley, MD, EBM Electrical Services