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Website and Email Hosting:

The decision of where to Host your website and emails should not be taken lightly. If you have a business which relies upon email then consider whether a free service is in your best interests - after all your supplier may well have sold on your details to a third party (and you didn't see that in the small print).

At csb internet we treat looking after your emails and websites seriously and responsibly.

  • We ensure that backups are taken of the data on the servers at agreed intervals with you (from hourly to daily to weekly depending on the sensitivity of the data)
  • We employ the services of a remote monitoring company who scan our server every 15 minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This ensures we are notified of any problems promptly giving us greater time to deal with them, minimising any downtime. So that you're not left in the dark either, we also use the TextAnywhere text online service to send you urgent messages and importantly updates, direct to your mobile.
  • We offer a friendly, non technical, personal, managed service - mobile numbers available too

To make the costings easier we have a series of hosting packages available which include different levels of website maintenance too - ask for details. Our terms and conditions are simple too - after all we want to work with you not against you!

If you have had a look at the Text Anywhere service then you can sign up to it here

"csb internetís redesign and optimisation of the Isis website has proved to be an instant success."
Mark Hollyman, MD, Isis Business Solutions