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Website Promotion:

Promoting your business on the internet can seem quite daunting at first. After all, where do you start?

Start by telling people! Add your website address to your stationery, your vehicles, your t-shirts, mugs etc - now people will look at it. Tell your friends, business contacts, customers and suppliers - everyone! Now even more people will look at it.

Then there are some basics you can do with the search engines - tell them what you do and what your website address is .. but help them, as they don't actually have someone physically look at the content. Help the search engines by making the pages descriptive, choose suitable keywords, explain the images, keep a simple navigational structure. All this is known as Search Engine Optimisation.

Add your website to appropriate directories - maybe local or national trade association. Certainly on all the free ones to start with.

Consider a sponsored link campaign to give your website or products a boost. Google handles most of the search engine traffic so consider signing up with them.

csbinternet can help you with your website promotion. We realise the importance of spending money wisely so we'll help you decide on where to start first and let you know what its going to cost you up front. You can then decide how much to spend, when to spend it and on what. Ask us for details

"csb internet's understanding of our business enabled us to have a website where customers can view, download, or enquire about our machines in a number of easy to use methods."
Geoff Morris, MD, Premier Engineering