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Cookie overload

The EU are going to look at the current EU Cookie Law. Since 2012 websites in the EU have been required to display a notice outlining what cookies they are using.

What are cookies?

An internet cookie is a small file which is downloaded to the user's device to enable tracking and advertising.

What's the change?

European Commissioner Andy Anslip is proposing to do away with the "annoying" pop up banners and replace them with a browser based version.

Simple then?

Its the EU so what do you think! Users would have to set levels of access through their browser (I can hear Google and Microsoft groaning already) and still update them on a sitewide basis. This may also mean amending them per device, per app and more. Users may decide they don't want to accept any cookies, in which case some of their favoured websites just wouldn't appear or another banner would have to be displayed by the browser indicating your preference for that site. So you may still see a pop up message anyway.

Who are the winners and losers?

The main losers will be the websites that are funded through ad revenue (we've all seen the sites that have adverts all over them) - I hear users cheering at this point and then booing when they realise that a heck of a lot of sites carry adverts and will display a different most probably more technical message about updating your browser preferences. 

Web developers will be tasked with replacing them, or not, creating something that checks a browser's settings before displaying the page or not.

Confused yet?

No worries, you're not alone. To keep it simple the cookie banner will disappear to be replaced by another one. 






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