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SEO basics - free stuff!

I first did a presentation on this probably 10 years ago and it seems to be as relevant now as it was then. If you want to do well on the search engines then Keep It Simple. KIS.

Here are some really simple yet often overlooked tips (in no particular order).

  1. Structure your site. 3 levels are good for most. Top level (home page) brief intro and send visitors off somewhere else. Middle level (section pages) maybe for the services you offer. Bottom level (nitty gritty) - expand on your services, add some detail, maybe links to technical joyrnals (ideally your own)
  2. Structure each page. Is it easy on the eye? Break it up with sub titles, bullets points, pictures. Make use of 1 H1 tag, H2 for subtitles and H3 for sub subtitles. Google (other search engines are available) looks for these so include keyword/phrase friendly ones.
  3. Keep your site alive not just live. Add content regularly, once a month is fine, try to keep it relevant and informative. Use social media for non "corporate" stuff.
Clearly there are lots more things you can do but these will get you started and cost you nothing!



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Cheers fella, great work!

Dean Headley, DCR Events

knows what he's talking about

Rob Bowden, Bow Accountants

so supportive and helpful

Lynn Carson, Davis Optometrists

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